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Embracing the Chaos

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These past 10 months have been an amazing journey. I've had the honour of shooting family gatherings, weddings, school photos, properties, newborns and many many wonderful families. While I have enjoyed them all I have enjoyed taking daily photos of my own boys the most. While I may be partially biased, I have realized what I enjoy most about taking photos of them is capturing true life. Somewhere along the way I stopped making sure they had perfectly clean faces, photo worthy clothes on, and making sure they were smiling at me for every photo. I stopped tidying prior to taking photos, stopped hiding the half eaten cookie smooshed into the carpet in the background and learned to embrace it. I learned to accept that our lives are chaotic, less than picture perfect but absolutely beautiful.
I have two young boys and we LIVE in our house. It's often (ok, always) untidy. I was a neat freak before having kids and have learned to let that go. My oldest son Carter has also been protesting clothes for months now and walks around the house in his underwear. I have given up trying to get him to wear clothes at home. He's comfortable, it's a phase and you know what I want to capture it! I want to look back at these photos and remember his skinny little body and the odd way he contorts it.
I vow to myself this year to get my photos off my computer print tons and cover our walls! I want to have tangible memories of the ever evolving relationship between my kids. My boys are 3 years apart and it's been amazing watching and capturing their journey together. Watching my oldest help his younger brother walk, or hoisting him up to reach things they aren't supposed to touch. Sometimes they are best friends and sometimes they fight all day long. I shoot it all, the good and the bad. This is our story. Its full of ups and downs and I want to remember everything.
Going forward I have decided that I want to provide these same raw, real life photographs to other families. Dirty faces, temper tantrums, skinned knees, bear hugs, gut busting laughter and everything in between. I want to capture all the little details and moments in your life, unposed and undirected.
I will be offering day in the life sessions starting January 2017. I will spend the day with your family capturing everything you do; making breakfast, going for a walk, playing, going grocery shopping, gathering for dinner and bedtime.
If this sounds like something you would like to do for your own family please email me at or call 1-250-218-9106.
- Amy
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