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Playfair Maternity/Family Session - Courtenay, BC

A couple of weeks ago I looked outside at the beautiful sunshine and decided I wanted to try out my new (to me) 80-200mm f2.8 lens that evening. I also wanted to try off camera flash outdoors with my speedlight and softbox. I posted on Facebook looking to see if anybody would like to volunteer to be my guinea pig trying out my new lens and the off camera flash as I had never used it outdoors, in fact I'd only practiced a handful of times with it indoors and never for an official session. In exchange for being patient with me while I practiced I would give them a disc full of enhanced images for free. I had lots of interest in my post so I picked a couple of people and met with them in Courtenay later that evening. Sumi was 8 months pregnant and brought along her husband and 1 year old daughter Hana. This was my first time taking maternity photos also which was exciting.

We ventured around my chosen location and ended up finding a perfect wide open field with tall grass. Sumi and her family were awesome and patient with me and we had fun. I generally only use natural light in my photos, but I like to challenge myself to try new (sometimes intimidating) things hence me trying out off camera flash outdoors. I learned a lot and Sumi got some lovely images for being such a good sport.

Check out the album from our session. Click on the images to enlarge.

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