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Jackson Turns 1

My youngest son Jackson turns 1 today. We did his cake smash on the beach over the weekend. We even brought the tub and some hot water for a beach bath after. We had a little audience and had a great time.

Happy Birthday Jackson!! How are you 1 already?! This last year has flown by as we've watched you grow and learn along side your brother. You're full of smiles and a tickle under the arms is a sure way to get a good giggle out of you. You love to eat and you let us know when you're full by spitting food all over yourself and anyone in a 3 foot radius. You are crawling, standing (holding on) and walking along furniture and getting into everything! You are smart and determined and always seem to find the things we hide from you. You've started sleeping through the night..... MOST nights :p and mommy is loving the extra sleep! You love playing cars and blocks with your brother... when he lets you. You're lucky to have such a good big brother to watch out for you. May the next year bring endless laughs, cuddles, and exploring. We love you Jackson!

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